Pro-Life without Trampling on woman's rights.

When I first wrote this down about three years ago I thought I'd come up with the perfect reflection of my ideas. It was quickly pointed out that my statement was an oxymoron. So I consulted with one of my top advisers, my mother.

After much discussion, she said: John it's not up to you, the church or anybody else. Whatever choice a woman makes it's between her and God, and those SOB's better keep their nose out of our business. This embarrassed me because I knew she was talk about her private parts.

Whatever choice you make, this is your rights of religious freedom, and I will defend that right with my dying breath. The United States was founded on religious freedom. But what most people forget is, this religious freedom is a two-edge sword.

The right of religion, and the right from religious beliefs being forced on you. The second point is what most people forget and are trying to force their beliefs on other people. I think this point should be considered the next time the US Supreme Court makes a decision on religion.



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