Houman's Disclosure


More Ideas that I will take to Tallahassee

Houman's Disclosure: Any person licensed or registered professional that give's advice or make recommendations based on monetary gain to themselves instead of the interest of their Florida Resident Client or is compensated by a third-party will disclose this information. Debt buyer to disclose wholesale price.

Failure to do so, the Florida Resident may register a complaint with the State Attorney. Upon proof the claim is valid, the States Attorney shall issue a warning by registered mail. After 30 days, if said licensed or registered professional has not responded with proof of claim is invalid. An arrest warrant will be issued enforceable by any state, local or county law enforcement official, executable at any airport, train- bus terminal or traffic infraction and held for arraignment at the next court date.

At arraignment, if licensed or registered professional pleads guilty court cost and accommodation's fees plus local bed or tourist fees will apply. All records of this event will not be recorded in court records. Not guilty: A court date will be set.

What do you think is going to hurt a corporation more, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and lawyer fees or the Wall Street Banker or New York CEO telling his kids they can't go to Disneyland because daddy has an arrest warrant?


Centralized: State Criminal and Rape Kit DNA testing centers to expedite cases loads in conjunction with State University teaching Criminal Justice.

Gray areas: Laws that don't take into account extenuating circumstances and change laws along the lines of California Preposition 47
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. On August 10, 2016 announced court ruling held the FCC can't override state laws restricting cities and towns from launching their own broadband services to increase their residents' provider options. Change restricting to un-restricting.

Reciprocity laws for Doctor: making it simpler. Florida needs doctors.

Changing Florida to a mandatory Benefit Corporation State: Precedent: Hepburn Act of 1906. Change clauses in contracts when the only option is arbitration in favor of the corporation and not the employee or consumer. Harassment in the workplace, product liability or whistle blowers are forced into mediation with an outcome of a settlement and a non-disclosure agreement. Where the victim is punished not the perpetrator. Case in point FOX News.


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