International Criminal Tribunal for crimes against humanity


What happed to Slobodan Milosevic and other dictators?
International Criminal Tribunal for crimes against humanity.

Cuba like the USSR will implode not explode! The only difference is when the dust settles, It will be in hundreds of millions of dollars not rubles. American business are making plans to invest.

Points to remember.

1. You are American Citizens now not Cuban.
2. 99% of Public officials are "doing a job" for a living, if not they would be in jail or unemployed. Their job performance will change as the Cuban government moves towards a free market.
3. There will be evolution not revolution.
4. Statute of limitation laws may apply.

I see two extremes between the United States and Cuba, education and health care. United States has the highest costs for both, Cuba has the lowest. What will happen when big business gets in? Will Cuba be able to keep the same price structure for education and healthcare or will it end up like in the United States being hijacked by big business?

I fell in love in the early 50's before Castro and plan on buying a Ocean Front Home there someday.



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